it’s april 21st

…and everybody knows today is earth day, merry christmas, happy birthday to whoever’s being born.

maybe dramarama‘s wasn’t making music for a while because earth day’s tomorrow.

(and yes, i do this post or a variation thereof every april 21st. it’s my blog, get over it.)

“i got wasted, she got mad, called me names and she called her dad.
he got crazy and i did too, wondered what i did to you.”


5 responses to “it’s april 21st

  1. i’ll even let you watch the shows you wanna see….
    just marry me, marry me, marry, me!

  2. heatherfeather

    you’re married, silly.

  3. so how does Ernie get along with your Caribou??

  4. yeeeah… rob has brought up a good point… where is this caribou?!?!

  5. She seems like a fun married person, though!

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