doldrums but fun

it’s frogged.

so i’ve been working on glampyre’s camisole tube in lovely lilac cottontots… i didn’t get gauge so i went down a size, which according to the magical world of maths was the correct thing to do, but it’s still a little monstrously big…

and i don’t know that i think it will look any good on me when it’s done. as someone without much of a waist on the best of days, i can’t help but wonder about something that’s purposely baggy around the middle.

so, i could knit the remaining 4 inches of 3×3 ribbing and see (and monkey around with the idea of a strip of elastic around the top), i could frog it and reknit it on smaller needles or a size smaller still, or i could put it in my basket and decline to think about it for a while.


3 responses to “doldrums but fun

  1. It might look cute with a ribbon just under the ninjas (is that what we’re calling them?) Are there any eyelets in the back that you can feed it through?

  2. Did you email glampyre? She might help you out. And we need to do a field trip to Lambshoppe. Email me.

  3. nah, it’s not a pattern problem at all – i used the wrong yarn, and it’s not a pattern that will work for my body type…

    maybe it will be a gifty top i can make for someone.

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