you’re in grad school

words you should be able to spell and/or pronounce:

  • Colombia
  • non-potable
  • diaspora
  • trafficking
  • narco-trafficking
  • psychosomatic
  • nuclear
  • proliferation
  • PSI (i know, expecting you to remember proliferation security initiative is tricky – but not knowing the initials?)
  • hegemony/hegemonic

there are probably more, but these were just mispronounced and/or misspelled in one class this afternoon.


5 responses to “you’re in grad school

  1. You forgot “Misspell.” (Or is it “mispell?” :) Your new hair looks nice!

  2. I hope they pronounced it: “truck-fucking.”

  3. oh, the joys of going to a highly-ranked graduate school where they let anyone with a pulse in.

  4. hahaha…”nuclear proliferation.”

    reminds me of the Bush/Kerry debates!!

  5. pounds per sqaure inch.

    you should also know the bullshit essay words for when you’re out of ideas: additionally, nevertheless, nonetheless, conversely, supplementally, however, heretofore, therein, thereby, blahhhh.

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