computer at home died again.

i have to try to resurrect it tonight to rescue my powerpoint presentation i have to give tomorrow.

stupid computer.


6 responses to “blahhhhhhhh

  1. What’s your PPP about?

    It’s about the cutest milk’n’honey-colored dog around, isn’t it? I know. They love that sort of thing in classes about arms control and shit. It lightens the mood.

  2. Me still think class on arms controle am about keep you paws to you self.

  3. can I name your computer the messiah? Yay for ressurections!

  4. heatherfeather

    littlegoat – disarmament in the grander scheme of arms control.

    monstee – yes, please keep your paws to yourself. the furry paws popping out of my monitor is scary when i’m not expecting it.

    ashley – it’s an easter miracle!

  5. I love furry paws.

  6. i thought you ceremonially smashed it to bits a-la Office Space?

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