knitting ADD

noticed the lack of knitting content?

well, i’m 5 inches into calla with the frog tree alpaca.

7 inches into t-twist tee with butterfly super 10 (or supafly) cotton.

and 49580984131 feet into lady eleanor with the noro silk garden with 2.5 skeins to go.

i just bought the tubular cami pattern, and dug up some cottontots i had languishing in my yarn basket.

nothing’s holding my attention.

the ill-fated frog tree doesn’t show cables all that well.

to be fair, i’m almost out of yarn for t-twist tee, and have to frog kyoto (my first sweater!) to get more. that’s a lot of work. and the miles of stockinette – which is at least in the round.

and i’m bored of lady eleanor.


2 responses to “knitting ADD

  1. Might setting your projects aside for a few days allow you to return to knitting with renewed vigor?

  2. heatherfeather

    i haven’t really been knitting since this past quarter of school started. a row here and there, but not even every day or ever 3 days lately…

    i’m just not enchanted with my projects righ tnow.

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