tonight’s the grad school (or dare i say, rad school) prom!

i got a dress! i got shoes! i got accessories!

i seem to have a 40’s theme going on with my pattern and shoes, i need to now figure out my makeup and hair to match.

actually makeup’s pretty much figured out. but i’m hung over from the wine last night. things will likely be slow tonight – and i’m driving to thus guarantee that.

because tomorrow i get to hang out with particleman! hurrah!


4 responses to “omigod!

  1. take pictures and post them pleeeeease!

  2. Are you cheating on my prom with a different prom? Whatever!

  3. heather, you were SMOKIN’!

  4. Prom!?? Once you are 10 years out of school, the idea is intriguing!

    Yes, as Ashley #1 noted, please post pictures!

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