why post quality when quantity is so much easier?

here’s the meme i stole from monstee. he’s already been blamed by forkbeard and cherz for this meme, so i’m throwing my hat into the ring.

the iTunes magic 8 ball

What do you think of me, itunes?
judas – antje duvekot (what did i ever do to you?)

Will I have a happy life?
educated guess – ani difranco (fair enough)

What do my friends really think of me?
desperate but not serious – adam ant (who said this? that’s it, we’re breaking up as friends)

Do people secretly lust after me?
melissa – allman brothers (um, littlegoat, do we need to chat?)

How can I make myself happy?
let it seep in slowly – mark ashworth (i can do that)

What should I do with my life?
bottle up and explode! – elliott smith (whoa – not the road i had planned… i was thinking good job, maybe get married and have kids, but it wasn’t really anything along these lines)

Why must life be so full of pain?
low red moon – belly (either that’s commentary on my ass, or it’s some sort of astrological phenomenon)

How can I maximize my pleasure during sex?
the dance of the cucumber – veggie tales (no comment)

Will I ever have children?
how soon is now? – the smiths (hold up there, cowboy, i don’t even have a job. and you’re a computer program)

Will I die happy?
from black to blue – yo la tengo (doesn’t bode well)

Can you give me some advice?
feel to believe – beth orton (thanks, hallmark)

What do you think happiness is?
traveling again – dar williams (i can agree with that)

What’s my favorite fetish?
you can call me al – paul simon (um, i’ve never tried that, but if you say so…)


3 responses to “why post quality when quantity is so much easier?

  1. the dance of the cucumber – veggie tales


  2. I plead the fifth. muhahahaha

  3. Your post title? It is my blogging mantra!

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