somewhat cowl

well, this was my somewhat cowl as of last night. i’ve been knitting away on it, and learned that i don’t love making sweaters on #3 needles. in fact, you can see the point where it gets all lumpy and irregular because i intentionally loosened my gauge so i wouldn’t have to knit as much.

and i tried it on last night, and it was fully 10 inches too big. because i wasn’t getting gauge anymore. it all makes sense, really. so i frogged it up to the point where it goes from lovely knitting to crappy, lumpy knitting. and then i spent 3 hours unknotting the green alpaca which had been frogged.

i love unknotting yarn – it is a very zen-like thing for me. but with the frog tree? (which seems an inauspicious name for yarn, by the way) i kept pulling fuzzy bits of alpaca out of my eyes, ears, nose, and mouth. anyhow, it’s unknotted, wound into a center pull cake, and now sitting until i have time to knit a sweater on #3 needles.


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