better or worse, i went rogue

after 5 attempts to set the left sleeve, we finally have finishedness. not only that, but i felt well enough to put on clothes other than pj’s, take a shower, and take pictures of the FO in action (not in that order). (also, note to self, 26 degrees is still too cold to go out with wet hair)

here she is

rogue FO 003
(please forgive my neighbor’s ghetto yard)

the requisite hood shot
rogue FO hood

a shot proving both sleeves are sewn on
rogue FO front

and one where the timer surprised me not quite ready for picture takin’
rogue FO 006

the report

  • pattern: jenna wilson’s rogue
  • yarn: paton’s classic merino in natural mix
  • needles: addi natura size 6
  • started: um… february 9, 2006 or so
  • finished: march 22, 2006 (which is misleading because i finished the body and one sleeve in about 2.5 weeks in the midst of papers and end of quarter stress. cast on second sleeve on march 12, finished it a few days ago, realized i wonked up the left sleeve due to fevered sewing, and reset it 5 times today)
  • pattern mods: knitted sleeves in the round until sleeve cap shaping – why do extra seaming?
  • notes: love love love this pattern. i’m even considering knitting a second rogue in a color, in this same yarn or buying the briggs and little kit from weaving rainbow because, hello? $35? but, the body of this sweater is too short for how wide my chest and hips are. i’d do a bunch of (like 5-6) extra pattern repeats of the cable twists on the body to make it longer next time, and i’d do the sleeves about 3 inches longer as well.

9 responses to “better or worse, i went rogue

  1. hey you’re done! and it’s not green! The cables look great, well all of the knitting does. :) This on my knit list so Im glad to hear that you would do a second one. Sorry about the length though.

  2. It looks WONDERFUL!! Yeah that you finished it!!

  3. wow – that’s pretty freakin’ cool looking.

  4. Shit, I can’t knit anything without adding stitches – and following a pattern? Forget it! That’s pretty damn incredible.

  5. heatherfeather

    shucks, y’all… thanks. :)

    (teri – don’t worry about adding stitches, just tell people it’s part of your increase motif!)

  6. Hot damn, that’s good lookin’!

    The sweater’s cute, too. (;

  7. I like how your blog is riddled with pictures of your middle.

  8. heatherfeather

    and i like it that you rhyme some of the time. :)

  9. Oh my gosh. It looks so amazing. Perfect. The knitting, the fit, the color. Wow. Love it.

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