misunderstand me. hey, miss, understand me!

this is ernie. he’s six, weighs 69.8 lbs, is 1/2 australian shepherd, and most likely 1/2 boxer-y mutt (something that can leap tall fences in a single bound, anyway).

erniesnout 002

lately, i’m worried that ernestine might feel old. see, he usually sleeps on my bed, with me, keeping me toasty. he has since may 2001 when we moved to maine. before that, i had an apartment with a loft bedroom accessible only by ladder. before that i pretended i was hardcore and didn’t want him sleeping with me in bed.

but he’s been sleeping in his own little doggy bed the past few weeks – i hope he’s not getting creaky and tired in the joints…

ernie's bed

(by the way, that’s my backup bedspread on my bed since my other one got sauce on it from eating sushi on the sofa on a cold afternoon)

7 responses to “misunderstand me. hey, miss, understand me!

  1. Hey, I think I know that bedspread!

  2. heatherfeather

    actually you do. i bought it right after we moved into the house on st. charles. i have a picture of you and clide passed out on it with my gay pink bull and my sheep, and david playing my guitar.

  3. I heart gay pink bull ass.

  4. heatherfeather

    really, who doesn’t?

  5. your dogs are absolutely precious.

  6. maybe he wants you to sleep in his bed with him.

  7. heatherfeather

    ashley – i only have one ernie!! :)

    crystal – nope. too hairy in his bed.

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