like disco lemonade

in addition to not blogging, i’ve not been knitting much. but i have been knitting some.

after weeks of one-sleeved limbo, i decided to cast on the second sleeve for rogue, and after a moment of dum-ness (where i knitted chart A, the side cable on the sleeve and couldn’t figure out why i had so many extra stitches, and got 6 rows into it before i realized that i was supposed to be doing chart D), i’m about 10 rows into it.

because really? after all that work, a single sleeve isn’t that much work to do.

and lady eleanor is at 25 of 35 tiers before the final row, blocking, and fringeing. yay!

i really really want to work on a sweater in the spring IK knits (the caftan) as soon as possible. um, after i buy yarn, that is.

because i have to read several hundred pages BEFORE the first class of the quarter for my arms control course.

gee, thanks.


2 responses to “like disco lemonade

  1. I am so making Lady Eleanor someday. That shit is tight.

  2. heatherfeather

    two monkeys agree.

    as do the verbs and nouns.

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