oi vey

it’s snowy and chilly on my spring break.

that’s just suckish. that, and the fact that i spilled eel sauce on my bedspread because i’m a dope.


12 responses to “oi vey

  1. seriously

  2. you need to add that you “schmutzt” your bedspread

  3. Eel sauce? Bedspread?

    Do I want the details of this? DO I?

    Hee hee!

  4. 1. it’s oy vey. punkers say “hey.” skinheads say “oi.” Jews say “oy.”

    2. what haiku girl said.

  5. Me am NOT saying mmmMMMmmeelsauce!
    …it sound to much like euphemism to me.

    Even if it am sauce to put ON you eel as opposed to sauce that come out of you eel… euphemism.

    Now, if we can all get out of gutter for just second… what am you doing eating eel in bed anyway?

    ….hahahaha, nope. Right back in gutter.

    Seriously… bed, eel, dope. Recipe for something getting stained or tainted.

  6. It seems to be snowing everywhere. We got snowed in up here.

  7. It’s 77 degrees here.


    The wisteria, azaleas, and dogwoods are all poppin’!

  8. Wait, Thomas posted that? I thought Heatherfeather did…?

  9. heatherfeather

    chris – it’s SNOWING in minnesota?!? :)

    littlegoat (baaaaaa) – sigh…

    ami – i did schmutz it

    pman – i actually saw that when i hit “publish” but couldn’t be arsed to fix the oi. stil can’t actually.

    the rest of you dirty monkeys – EW. it’s actually the sweet, teriyaki like sauce you serve with eel. i was cold and eating under the bedspread, you miscreants.

    steve – what?

  10. I wish it would snow here…can you tell that I see sunshine TOO much??

    Excess of anything gets boring.

  11. sushi … in bed…. on a cold day….



  12. heatherfeather

    actually, i had the bedspread on the couch.

    believe it or not, it’s actually a single level story. i’m a very nice girl.

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