we hurt but we smile

although i liked chris’ ideas of using writing prompts to come up with a post (or, his alternate selection, pictures of my bozooms), i decided to go in another direction.

why i am better than you a generous soul

i donated plasma today. see?

coagulant 002

i was going to take a picture of them returning my plasma-less blood to me, but decided that some of you were too squeamish.

in true form, it took several sticks in each arm before they got a good one. here’s my abandoned cause of a left arm

coagulant 003

and not exactly related, unless i talk about how they give you an anti-coagulant when donating plasma, i also found another mystery bruise a few days ago.

it’s on the back of my left upper arm, but you can’t tell that from this picture, i suspect.

mystery bruise - the sequel

11 responses to “we hurt but we smile

  1. How interesante! I gave blood yesterday! That makes a whopping 3 times since I moved to Houston, and somewhere between 15 and 20 altogether.

  2. you “donated” plasma today? hmmm, usually you get $30 bucks for that or something…Just kidding!
    i used to donate blood, but since i have spent so much time in europe and africa the last few years, the blood banks are convinced i have AIDS and mad cow disease, which is a really bad combination i think.

  3. heatherfeather

    when people ask me if i’d like some blood infected with AIDS and mad cow disease, i usually go with my gut instinct, which is to say, “no thank you.”

  4. Quick! Drink! You won’t have to spend as much money on booze!

  5. heatherfeather

    chris, i NEVER have to spen as much money on booze.

    the upsides of a part-asian heritage.

  6. I like it when you turn purple. It’s cute.

  7. heatherfeather

    sort of… it’s also embarassing… :)

  8. Oops. Sorry.

    After I posted that, I thought maybe someone would interpret it as meaning I like it when you are bruised, and that’s not what I meant. I don’t like that.

    I always liked drinking with you because I’m a lightweight. Some of my friends here drink HARD. whew. I have to be concious at all time that I should pace myself.

  9. eh – needles.. feeling light headed.

  10. No bloggy in two days. I’m concerned that they took too much plasma.

  11. Oops. Stupid typo. I’ll try again.

    I have the Liz Phair song stuck in my head because I read the title of this blog every time I check your site.

    You don’t want to know how many times a day I check your site. You might worry. (;

    In the first post, I called her Lix Phair, which, I guess, is kind of amusing.

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