who am i to refuse a turk?

ashley tagged me for a meme. i’m currently writing a paper. what’s the most logical hf course of action? do the meme.

7 is a lucky number

7 things to do before i die:

  1. learn 3 more languages
  2. fly in an airplane without fear (or xanax)
  3. write a good song
  4. perform for over 2,000 people
  5. fit into my skinny jeans again
  6. own a house
  7. live abroad

7 things i cannot do:

  1. ride a bike (still)
  2. hold both elbows in one hand
  3. have sand on my feet
  4. get rid of bugs in my house
  5. drive stick
  6. play the bassoon
  7. think too hard about what i’m eating

7 things i say most often:

  1. dude. duuuuuuude.
  2. like
  3. whatever
  4. crapmonkeys
  5. aw, nuts
  6. hmmmm
  7. try it. see what happens.

7 books i love:

  1. infinite jest – df wallace
  2. anne of green gables – lm montgomery
  3. the robber bride – m atwood
  4. animal dreams – b kingsolver
  5. pobody’s nerfect – ??
  6. midwives – chris bohjalian
  7. skinny legs and all – t robbins

7 movies i can watch again and again:

  1. fight club
  2. edward scissorhands
  3. swing kids
  4. grosse pointe blank
  5. the fox and the hound (one of my favorite lines is in this movie: “YOU BLASTED FEMALE!” my goal is to have someone spontaneously say that to me, without them knowing i covet it)
  6. the breakfast club
  7. zoolander

i’m not tagging people. if you want to do it, then you’re tagged. cop-out? yes.


4 responses to “who am i to refuse a turk?

  1. yay! thanks for doing it!

    I always knew you were cool (and a procrastinator like me)

  2. I tried to read a Tom Robbins book once, and couldn’t get into it. I think it was still life with woodpecker, but I really don’t know. My wife would know, she’s a pretty big TR fan. However, she didn’t like Fierce Invalids Home From Hot Climates…

    Oh well. My gift buying has hit a slow spot.

  3. Write your paper!


  4. you’re my best friend, todd

    you’re my best friend too, copper

    and we’ll be friends forever

    yeah, forever


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