i am a pinnacle of productivity and girlishness

i got a lot of stuff done today. and girlified in the process.

for instance, i finally submitted my program statement (one year late) and my application for graduation (one day early).

i also found out that i passed my french proficiency exam (required for graduation). woo!

i got my car (or as it has been called in the neighborhood, “wash me!”) washed today. since my daddy raised me to take it to a place where you pay money to have other people wash and vacuum your car, i did that. who am i to dishonor what my father hath taught?

i also finally went grocery shopping… it was getting dire in my pantry and refrigerator… the presence of tumbleweeds and cacti are what ultimately drove me to shopping for food. and toilet brush heads. and liquid plumr foaming pipe snake (when you have 2450828418349018906139414316913095 tons of hair, even cleaning the drain out every day after the shower isn’t enough to keep it from slowing down and making you feel like your ankles are taking the nastiest bath ever).

i got a new pair of black shoes – but i actually needed them. AND they’re wide enough for my rice-pickin’ peasant feet. AND they’re comfy (although they do this odd suction thing that mades my feet adhere to the footbed. not unpleasant, just…odd). and i can dress ’em up (sorta) and dress ’em down.

maria juana... heh, the other kind.
(please notice aforementioned skirt hem)

i also got a pedicure. it was my first pedicure from a man. and let me say, he gave the most amazing foot and leg massage… i almost proposed before i came to my senses.

(self-conscious about my peasant feet so it’s an obscured shot)

and my eyebrows waxed

(note to self – in supermacro mode, wear mascara)
(note to self – buy mascara)

and here’s the aforementioned hair chopstick just because


and a gratuitous extreme closeup of the dogcreetur’s nostrils


7 responses to “i am a pinnacle of productivity and girlishness

  1. hair chopsticks are hot.

  2. you don’t look manly in the blue pic…you’ve got pretty eyes with or without mascara!

  3. there’s nothing like a productive day…..

  4. Congratulations on passing the French proficiency exam. Following graduation, do you plan to enter the real world? You could postpone that by pursuing postgraduate studies.

  5. heatherfeather

    oi – no more school for a while… (and i’m getting my MA this time around)

  6. you’re such a beauty queen…guess the sunshine is bringing you out of your winter shell, sexy lady!

  7. the blue pict is so freakin’ awesome. i’m just lost.

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