rogue WIP

so i made a promise not to start a second skein on lady eleanor – and i’ve held to that. would that i had made such a promise on rogue.

i kitchenered and it’s not all that pretty, but it’ll do. it was my first kitchenering and not as pretty as littlegoat’s… (in my defense, i have no idea how to graft reverse stockinette on the cable pattern)

however, now that the body and hood are done, i needs me a little break before the sleeves.

finals, you know.

either that or it’ll be a hooded sweater vest. sexxxxxy.

7 responses to “rogue WIP

  1. hehe. I think you were working with something a bit more complex than I was.

    Did you look at Theresa’s technique article about it? It’s pretty awesome. It doesn’t say anything about grafting in a specific pattern, though.

  2. Danm, I just looked at your pics now, and that is one beautiful sweater so far. I’m impressed. You’re a superior knitter. (:

  3. yeah i looked at theresa’s article and purlwise’s article, but those are both for St st grafting… oh well.

    and thanks minabina!

  4. Wow… that sweater is looking fancy! You need to knit a hot pink off the shoulder sweater to wear to my 80’s Birthday party. ;) And also, you should wear a side ponytail. :P

  5. my thriftiness refuses to let me buy yarn for such a purpose… but i may have something else i could whip up!

  6. sweet! I’ll make sure you get an invite…
    The party isn’t until may, but if you’re anything like me, you will want time to plan your outfit. :D

  7. Looks amazing, Heather- I have promised that I will pick up my Rogue next, as soon as I finish Butterfly.

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