if i had a box just for wishes…

it would be an endless yarn box, complete with (knitting) needles in every size, an espresso drink-o-matic,an iPod with a battery that never runs out, and a stickymat that was actually sticky enough that my hands didn’t slip while doing downward dog when my palms start “glowing”.

in other news, i have nothing to post about, i’m 50 rows into the hood on rogue with sleeves left to go, i faithfully stopped knitting lady eleanor at the end of the first skein, and i had a really gross elbow ligament snapping situation every time i did chaturanga dandasana today. it also hurt a little.

dog picture!

hiding dog

5 responses to “if i had a box just for wishes…

  1. I really miss him a lot. I want to take over being his mom when you have to adopt him out, but Jeff would never, in a million years, go for that. *pout*

    We have developed this rule, at my house: resident dogs may not outnumber resident humans.

    oh, poop.

  2. maybe i can help a little with the stickier-mat! i have that same problem, but i recently bought an “earth elements” mat from hugger mugger. they’re recycleable. but over and above that, they’re among the stickiest mats available. i used it for the first time yesterday with very little slippage. only thing is it kinda smells like wood chip – but i’ll take that over PVC any day!

    Here’s where I bought mine

  3. reading about that ligament thing makes me queasy. (i cover my eyes when things get gory on the hospital tv shows).

    actually, steve jobs is working on an ipod that draws its power from the hydrogen in the air. really. he’s also working on a time machine.

  4. i fear that the wish genie might cheat you with this list. specify that the endless yarn supply is “expensive” yarn and that the needles in every size are of certain brands. otherwise you may get stuck with red heart and pony.

  5. jess – thanks i bought one this morning!

    pman, that’s brilliant.

    sema – good point. the needles are to be lantern moons, addi turbos/naturas, inox, and bryspuns. the yarn is to be nothing you can buy at walmart, and made of exclusively or blended wool, silk, alpaca, select cottons, bamboo, and/or soy, and come in skeins that cost upward of $8/50 g.

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