je suce

i have to re-take my french proficiency exam next friday. i have to pass it to graduate.

it turns out that never speaking french, nor thinking in it, nor reading it for nine years does not help one maintain fluency.

i miss being fluent in french.

but would love to be fluent in english, french, russian, italian, irish, portugese, japanese, slovenian, croatian, ukrainian, and (yes, i’ve fought it for years) spanish.

with a smattering of other languages. once i’ve got europe covered, i’ll move to arabic, pashtun, chinese (all i can say is “good” in cantonese because you say “ho!” and who doesn’t like to say that?) korean, tagalog, farsi, and swahili.

but i’ve got to go baby steps.


12 responses to “je suce

  1. what about welsh? and GERMAN FOR THAT MATTER! Ich glaube es nicht! Was hast du gegen die Sprache meiner Seele, meiner Vorfahren, meiner zweiten Heimat? Mein Hund kann sogar Deutsch verstehen und du wuerdest lieber eine voll nutzlose osteuropaeische Sprache lernen?

  2. mein Liebling mein Fritzie – möchte ich alle keltischen Sprachen lernen, ich möchte völlig nutzlose osteuropäische Sprachen lernen. Ich würde bestimmt lernen German sprechen, wenn ich in Wien oder Düsseldorf leben würde. Das bedeutet nicht, dass ich Sie weniger liebe, es bedeutet, dass ich gerade Deutsch habe nie wirklich lernen wollen.

  3. what, you don’t like Hebrew? this is fakacht (that’s not actually Hebrew).

  4. What about Piglatin? And MONSTEESPEAK FOR THAT of MATTE! Me no believe it! What you have against language of me soul, me ancestors, me cave? Me pigmy warthog can understand Monsteespeak and you a fully useless Eastern European languages would rather learn?

  5. Le good luck to vous!

  6. don’t you just wish you had several lives?? So many things to do and see and learn. Hard to fit them all in…

  7. I would like to be multilingual. I suppose it is never to late to learn. Ich spreche ein bischen Deutsch. It does not make sense not to be able to speak Spanish, considering that it neighbors the state in which I reside.

  8. I keep telling myself I’m going to take some Spanish classes. I knew a bit in high school, but that’s it. Being fluent in Spanish makes you much more employable in Florida than if you only speak English.

    I wish I could just go somewhere they speak Spanish and figure it out. That would be cool.

    Anybody want to pay me to just go live in a Spanish-speaking country? Didn’t think so.

  9. y’all make me tired. well, the boys anyway. the girls don’t make me so much tired.

  10. Choahanumyun, chega Hangukmalul tangshin-ee karuchilsuisoyoh.

    (I can teach you Korean if you want)

  11. A fe faswn i mwy na hapus i dysgu Cymraeg i ti.

    (And I would be more than happy to teach you Welsh)

  12. Actually, Chris, if there was a way to learn it via Blogger, I’d sign up – apparently have Welsh up the family tree, but no real knowledge of much more than that.

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