some people call me the space cowboy

last night i met up for beverages with delta force* to hang out because we haven’t since my crazy crazy practical final last may. we’ve all seen each other, but not all at once. and we met this time without our fifth, insane member. but we went to the atomic cowboy, ostensibly to play cranium. but delta 66 (aka delta jenny) left it in the car.

we had too much fun. jenny had too much wine. which was even more fun. there was a picture i can’t WAIT to get of tipsy jenny next to psycho killer scott.

we were playing with my phone and i got these pics of scott/jenny’s heads and scott. they’re very dark.

Delta jenny and delta scott Scott

i didn’t get a picture of james and i. but jenny did.

it appears to me i’ve never posted about that final. it was crazy, it was 4 days long, there were land mines, ak-47s, a hostage negotiation resulting in the execution of all of our hostages, our professor was almost accidentally shot by a member of the red cross (think about that)…

if that’s not making sense, the basis of our 4 days down in creede, co was to set up and run a camp for IDPs/refugees** in a non-permissive (i.e. actively violent) environment. think of running a humanitarian aid camp in darfur, fallujah, or the ivory coast. it was intense, it was educational, it told me that i’m not going to ever do that as a job. if you want to read my full review of the final exam, go here (word document). if not (it’s 9.5 pages long) i summarize it………….NOW

however, we were the only team who had fun and ate well. for instance, my friend chris had a peanut butter burrito (peanut butter spread on a tortilla) every morning for breakfast. we had coffee, eggs, bacon, and hash browns. we also had steak with sauteed mushrooms, baked potatoes, and roasted corn for dinner the night other people were eating beenie weenie out of a can.

i’m just saying there’ s no reason for us to have not eaten well nor have had fun. so we did. and our weekend was better for it.

we all got A’s too. even after the comedy of errors that was the penultimate adventure wherein we stepped on mines, got lost, etc… we didn’t hit the anti-tank mine or have anyone taken hostage in the field.

* the teams were named alpha, bravo, charlie, and delta. we just felt cooler calling ourselves delta force even though we were unarmed and non-violent.

**just fyi, the “refugees” of hurricane katrina are actually IDPs. so stop calling them refugees.


5 responses to “some people call me the space cowboy

  1. the real question is: did you have too much wine?

  2. ha – not even a drop. i forgot to put the quote of the evening in this post:

    jenny: “let’s do a round of shots, guys!”

    heather: “nope. i have to drive home.”

    jenny: “but i’ll pay for it!”

    heather: “the shot, the cab, or the DUI?”

    jenny: “the shot.”

  3. good quote, lame excuse. (just kidding).

  4. i like my verification word


  5. sounds like a prescription drug.

    “consult your doctor before taking tmrmowyx. may cause side effects including blurry vision, nausea, and herpes.”

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