wait! don’t go! – updated

dear person in lincoln, nebraska who came to my site by searching “love match for me”,

come back! don’t throw away what the msn search engine thought was meant to be – give it a shot before you throw it away.

drop me an email.


update: it’s 6 pm wednesday now, and someone has come to my page from iran (let me know if that link doesn’t work, i never sign out of my sitemeter). i am number one when searching for “my match in love.” i think my employment prospects will dim slightly if i move to iran for love. however, they spent almost 8 minutes here, so maybe…


6 responses to “wait! don’t go! – updated

  1. That am nice!
    Me always get stuff like “love monkey for me” or “Co-ed granny teenage MILFs”

  2. Why don’t you throw in a verse from “Let’s Stay Together” heather?

    That will add to the effect.

  3. hon, chances of someone in lincoln, nebraska being the person for you are equal to the chances of my finding the person for me at Brigham Young University.

  4. I get a lot of searches for “something to push me over the edge so I can finally kill myself.”

  5. ok, i am going to be be more positive than your other friends, though my parents lived in nebraska for awhile and people there were weird. shit, it could happen.

  6. HEY people from Nebraska are wonderful. Take me, for example, your dear old friend from Omaha.
    Love you Heather Baby


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