today i have been utterly unproductive.

i take that back, i started doing the waist shaping on my “learning experience, not a sweater”.

and i made fresh asparagus to go with my chinese dumplings that pei lo mein made special for me (even without sesame oil!) because i couldn’t go to her party.

thanks pei – they ultrayum!

i can’t smell the funny aspargus pee-smell. it turns out the people who think their pee doesn’t smell weird just can’t smell the weird smell. they did tests and made people smell other people’s pee to find out.


3 responses to “today

  1. There are members of my family who can’t smell asparagus pee and thought I was the crazy one. Hah. I’ve since discovered that I’m a “supersensor” or something of that sort. Anyway, I’m glad I wasn’t part of that study.

  2. You aren’t missing anything, so I think if I were you I’d be quite glad… I keep forgetting when I eat it and surprise myself later on. In the work bathroom. Nice. But I still love asparagus :S

  3. you know, coffee does the same thing. but no one believes me. glad you like the dumplings…and SUPER relieved that you haven’t had some freak allergic reaction b/c i forgot to wash the chopsticks…

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