stuff i notice:

  1. some people think heatherfeather is two words
  2. vertical ribbing has purl stitches recessed compared to knit stitches, horizontal ribbing has purl stitches higher than knit
  3. people really can’t drive at the full moon
  4. i’m happy this week
  5. i am addicted to text messages
  6. one of the best text messages i’ve gotten arrived last night while i was watching gay cowboys (eating pudding): “gay cowboys! yay!”
  7. i have to cycle my deodorant brands every 8-10 months
  8. my dog makes a sound a lot like “oooooooo” when he growls and isn’t supposed to be growling
  9. my mom has ridiculously funny ways to amuse herself. (eg: manipulating her grocery list so she’s only buying things that begin with the letter b)
  10. inari is goooooood
  11. i confused maryam this summer by attempting a rant without telling her the topic. she should have known i was continuing a rant to which i had been eavesdropping
  12. i just had to turn down a sweet nannying gig (3-4 days in another city, all expenses paid) because i have to go to school
  13. danibear is coming to denver – i haven’t seen her since thanksgiving 1997. she’s gonna be my prom date. i’m not putting out.

6 responses to “randomness

  1. Hmm, would your mother go so far as to purchase buluga caviar, belini mix and brown-n-serve rolls in one shopping trip? Hmmm… BYOB means a whole new thing. :-)

  2. 13. …i’m not putting out.

    ME KNEW IT!!!
    Chicks deside this stuff before date even start!!!
    Dang. You could as least fill us in so we not hopin and wonderin all night.

  3. So, were you watching gay cowboys and eating pudding, or were you watching the gay cowboys eat pudding?

    I’m confused.

  4. steve, independent movies are always about gay cowboys eating pudding.

  5. Oh, ok. I didn’t know this little tidbit of information. It all makes just a little more sense now.

  6. see, there’s not any teasing involved. i’m not stringing her along, giving her false hope. i’m letting her know straight up what the dealio is.

    it’s just nicer that way.

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