the post with pictures

i may very well be in a knitting funk. either that, or i’m out of inspiration.

i’ve turned the heels and am half through a lace repeat in elfine’s socks. but i feel like there’s a “this far and no further”. i can’t tell what’s up with that, but here’s where they stopped:

elfine's socks
(if i haven’t mentioned it lately, click for many sizes)

and because it’s funnier that way, here – i’ve painted them blue:

smurfine's socks

however, i have started designing my first wearable! it’s a cardigan, and i’m not going to post WIP shots of this because it’s a learning process, not a sweater. if it comes out looking like crap, that will be my rationale. if it’s earthshatteringly goregeous, i’ll sell the damn pattern and call it “not a sweater”. (as discussed over KIPP with alpineflower) i’ve changed the design and the gauge, but not after doing a bunch of maths and charts and diagrams. here’s some of the maths that have been rendered irrelevant at this point:

stuff 001
yes, my handwriting is schizo.

while i’m picture posting… i noticed today that my doodling is both very orderly in its layout, and mostly seems to resemble, er, the sacred feminine:

stuff 002

as well as snails and “country feedback” lyrics

stuff 003

9 responses to “the post with pictures

  1. i think your snail looks like a spaceship. and as for your “feminine” doodlings…

  2. Hooray for doodles.

    mariama, you only say that because you long to return to the mother ship. (;

  3. mmmmmMMMMMmmmmothership!

  4. I like that you doodle utureses.

  5. I suck for not making it to Caribou- I’m so sorry. Neither child took a nap yesterday and I’m not sure who was more demonic- them or me.

  6. Just below your math, you need to draw a line and write “Everything explodes!”

    Then leave it on a plane.

  7. i’m having a good hair day…i just wanted to let you know that.

  8. i just wanted to put my yes vote out there for the ‘country feedback’ lyric-doodling. nice!

  9. sweet! uteruses are my friend. i find myself drawing vas deferens…

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