enemy sighted, enemy met

i think the fact that it’s neither occured to me to post, nor have i felt much like knitting is a good thing. AND i was in public for most of the day which hasn’t happened for a good long while.

while i hesitate to say it lest i jinx it (february is my least favorite month of them all), i may be coming back into sorts. because the past month i have been OUT of sorts.

just if you’re curious, the title of the post is because i’ve had REM’s “exhuming mccarthy” stuck in my head for a good portion of the day. “by jingo, buy america”

other good news, my danifriend from college (round 1, the boston years) is going to come visit me. we have stayed in decent telephone and email touch but haven’t hung out since thanksgiving 1997. and, she may be coming the weekend of the grad school prom, so i can have a hott date. however, as i learned listening to the student government when they were meeting in the cafe at school, they haven’t planned it yet, but are shooting for the beginning of april… 5 weeks later than last year. hmmm… those are my updates.

those of you here for knitting p0rn have to read a separate post.


One response to “enemy sighted, enemy met

  1. Don’t like February? But today is Groundhog Day!

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