something afoot

there’s a post percolating beneath the surface…

it’s somewhere between serious and waxing all wordy and whatnot…

but right now it exists in the merest of embryonic traces. i’ll read something and a little more will come to life. something i see will trigger it.

but i don’t know what it is yet.

i just have to wait and see. could be brilliance in development, could be the sinus infection.

while we’re waiting, won’t you go here and listen to david‘s lurvely voice as he sings about the environment? i hadn’t realized how much i missed his singing (and singing operatic feminist folk in duet) until i heard these.

update: holy crap. i almost don’t want to say it. this hasn’t happened to me in YEARS. i don’t think i have a blog post percolating, waiting to be written.

i think it’s a song.


One response to “something afoot

  1. muhahahahahaha.

    Most excellent.

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