color blocking

i either have a great sense of color or a terrible one.

i usually combine blocks of solid color that you don’t expect. i think i pull it off, others have told me so as well. one of my favorite combos is my brown cords with a light blue shirt, sage green cardigan and an orange scarf. i dunno. maybe i’m insane. maybe i’m brilliant. if i weren’t a girl, i’d wonder if i were color blind.

but i was about to go to bed and stumbled upon my camera manual, opened to a random page and started reading about how to manipulate color.

and started playing.

my standard “kermit on acid” track jacket is navy with super white racing stripes.

click through to find the whole set… it will probably grow over the next few days… hopefully the subject will change, too


3 responses to “color blocking

  1. Those sound like cool combinations. As long as you don’t try to combine stripes and plaid or polka dots, you should be OK.

  2. i think the way you combine colours is fantastic

  3. whoa, cool. I like the one where almost the only color is the kermit jacket.

    Pink Blernie is cute. (:

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