someone just asked me what song on my iTunes (ahem, particlehombre) is my most frequently played. i’ve never looked, and i think my stats are skewed a bit since i had to reinstall iTunes after my computer died and i resurrected it in december.

something smells good in stinkville – there are two songs tied for first with regard to playcount – one of which i don’t even like: “take a chance on me” by erasure (gah!) and “beestung” by kristen hersh.

at 1,885,628,525 plays apiece.

(click through for legible sizes)

for those of you not liking to count commas, that’s nearly TWO BILLION plays apiece. and it’s the same number for each of them.

followed in third place by “center of your heart” by kathrin shorr with 700 plays. which makes more sense – especially if i’ve ever made you listen to me play the guitar – that’s the one i start with.

speaking of the guitar, i lost my damn capo. grrrrrrrrrr.


4 responses to “whoa

  1. Hot damn, someone stole my Kristin Hersh CDs (and all sorts of other crap, f*ckin’ college know-it-all hippies) and I’m pretty sure I forgot she existed.

    I am stoked. It’s almost like getting a new CD, I think.

    I will be making a trip to Vinyl Fever today.

    *happy dance*

  2. someone in college also stole your grey sweater. and EVERY time i hear ani’s “The story” i think of that old site with misheard ani lyrics:

    “i would have returned your grey thing if it weren’t for the way you were looking at me…”

  3. it was me listening to erasure. i love that song. ernie ate your capo.

  4. i don’t remember asking you that?

    my favorite erasure* song: “take a chance on me**.”

    * yes, i have a favorite erasure song.
    ** ok, so it’s a cover. big deal.

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