okay, internets

i need all of y’all to collectively cross your fingers and toes that i get my DREAM JOB WITH THE AGENCY THAT HASN’T HIRED ONCE IN THE PAST 18 MONTHS I HAVE BEEN LOOKING AT THEM.


12 responses to “okay, internets

  1. good luck!

    Just tell them that you confuse money with monkeys and you should be fine. hehehe

  2. go heather i hope you get the poo!!!

  3. man, heather. you should sure put your email address on here because i want to email you, but my work is the myspace nazi so i can’t.

  4. what’s the organization???

  5. not if i get the job first!! muhahahahaha!! ok i’m kidding. bad joke.

    good luck! “do it, do it” a-la Starsky and Hutch.

  6. Go baby go! Work those agents and wear a top that shows just a hint of cleavage when you lean over. Or smart suit stuff. I forget which one works. Maybe both :D

    Good luck.

  7. oh byrony, i evidently show the agents quite a bit… :)

  8. I’m crossing everything I can. I’m even crossing my eyes, so here’s hoping.

  9. Good luck. It took months for the company I work for to post a job…I went to the website daily..waiting and hoping..finally the perfect job was posted and now I am in heaven. Good luck!!!

  10. steve – don’t get a headache.

    kylee – thanks…


  11. I have two wish-rocks* on my desk. One is reserved for a friend’s MFA application. The other one can be for you. I will lob it into the nearest body of water at the earliest possible opportunity.

    *rock with an unbroken white stripe around it. To activate wish, throw rock into water.

  12. whoa! thanks erin!!

    in general news, my resume made it before close of business on the closing date of the position. now we wait.

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