the mind is a mysterious thing

dreams – seems to be a theme around the blogspot lately…

i was quite happy when my alarm went off. i was having a dream that was scary and sad… i dreamt that my dad was still alive and teasing my mom on the staircase in their house, when he disturbed a rocket spider. as far as i know, rocket spiders are fake, but in this dream, it was a mx between a wolf spider and a tarantula… sort of like the venezuelan spider in arachnophobia. (whilst watching that movie in the theater, the scene where the spider jumps up at the photographer in the jungle startled me SO badly that i jumped and learned that if you throw a box of jr. mints all over a theater floor it is NOT quiet)

i was lounging in an easy chair beneath the staircase when it was roused from its slumber by my dad and it fell on me and it scared the crap out of me, so there was much jumping and screaming and gagging. my sister was also terrified so my mom came to help get it off of me. the spider sort of disappeared, and my mom and sister and i were left noticing that my dad was gone which made us sad…

then there was this segue to this random penthouse in san diego where we were calling out a doctor or psychiatrist and wond up trying to catchhim before he hurt someone else – i think he was my sister’s doctor = and he beat us to the elevator and we got to the lobby and found ourselves in a hotel we used to stay when we were little, where my cousin dan would bug the concierge for donuts. (not a real hotel from my past, dunno if my cousin used to do that to concierges) and we couldn’t catch him and were really sad about my dad being gone.

i was really glad when my alarm went off even though it was 5:30 am.


2 responses to “the mind is a mysterious thing

  1. jr mints. teehee.

  2. What a strange and scary and yucky dream. I hate dreams that leave you with all those feelings. And it seems like they can linger for hours and even days and make you feel off-kilter and out-of-sorts….Hope the waking up was enough to poof away all effects of the dream–er–nightmare.

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