i know why joe don’t wear no socks…

there’s a camp song called “Socks” that you sing as different ways of insulting your friends.

but that’s not what this is about. it’s about knitting (duh) socks. i have 1 WIP – elfine’s socks. and i used to be a one-at-a-time girl as far as WIPs. but i wish i had something else to work on. i have another sock yarn (and after avowing publicly my general disdain for variegated yarn, it’s variegated sock yarn) with which i am intending to do the ubiquitous jaywalker socks because that is a sock that looks good with colorchanges.

but i want something else to do on reasonably sized needles.

so, i’m toying with the idea of designing a cable knit car coat with the remnants of mariah.

i’m flipping through my stitch book looking for cables and deciding which ones i’d like to juxtapose and how i’d like to construct it. because it’s just my style to start without thinking it through (waist shaping? buttonholes? button band? collar?) and getting annoyed and never touching it again.

clearly, since i’ve not done the most sweaters in the world, and haven’t liked a good percentage of my execution OF those sweaters, i’m going to borrow a shape from an extant sweater to get an idea. i can’t decide if i want it to be a raglan (bottom up) sweater – but that’d create a nightmare cable situation for me – or not.

so i’m thinking now, swatching out some cable patterns tomorrow whilst the baby sleeps. hang on, hang on tight!


3 responses to “i know why joe don’t wear no socks…

  1. Poor little Monstee,
    floating down the Delaware,
    sucking on his underwear,
    hoping to find another pair,
    three days later….
    bit by polar bear
    and thats how the polar bear died!

    …no wait, …DANGIT!

  2. well….sing the song heatherfeather, you can’t leave me in suspense! i love insulting my friends!

  3. i know why crystal don’t wear no socks,
    i was there when she chewed them off.
    she threw them both at a big brown bear,
    and now that bear don’t got no hair.
    ah-ding dong, dong, dong, dong-a-ding dong…

    you make up your own lame insult rhyme – that was the best i could do on one drink… sorry!

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