ask the internet, a new question

for those of you who heard my (speaking) voice – i was informed today that i have a bit of a midwestern accent.

agree or disagree?


5 responses to “ask the internet, a new question

  1. I don’t think you have a midwest accent at all. But I’ve never heard you speak, so my opinion may not be the most accurate.

  2. but thanks for weighing in – i appreciate your candor. :)

  3. um, i guess maybe kind of…i guess you wouldn’t stand out in iowa…but then, you’re older and shorter twin also lives in south africa, so you’ve got many possibilities

  4. i think we a need a more representative sample before we can draw any conclusions. more people need to respond to this post!


  5. okay, i’m a midwest girl and no, you do not have a midwest accent. done and done.

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