the cherz hat

cherz hat 001

why does he get a hat when so many of you have asked and i’ve hemmed and hawed? well, first of all, i heart cherz and he rocks. but mostly, if he gets a cherz hat, i get a banana problem shirt. yay!

anyhow, the story of this hat:

i learned the figure 8 cast-on for socks on thursday, and decided to try it for a top-down raglan hat for the cherz. see the top?

cherz hat 005

i used lamb’s pride worsted (duh) in silver sliver, brite blue, turkish olive, and old sage. and i just randomly knitted and changed colors. because i’m lazy about ends, i did me felted joins for the yarns. so it was really surprising where the colors would change. which drives my anal self nuts, but what can you do. what was interesting was how the stripe widths even out a bit toward the bottom you can take the anal out of the process, you can’t take the anal out of the knitter.

cherz hat 004

i also started this hat four times because lazy me didn’t swatch with this yarn on size 8 needles. although now, upon reflection, i appear to have done a very proper swatch with this yarn on size 8 needles before i did me some angelica… nuts. anyhow. so it was way too small, then it was way too big, then i thought i should ask cherz how big his head was… doh. anyhow, it felt perfect on me after a bit, but it’s known i have the Largest Head On Earth, so i decided i needed to do some decreases. which you can see in some of the pictures. i also switched to size 6 needles toward the bottom to snug it in a bit.

i knitted it very long since it’s a roll brim, so that it could be tightened that way, too. and also so cherz could cover his ears whilst snowboarding.

see how long it can be?

cherz hat 003


  • pattern: none, top down raglan
  • yarn: lamb’s pride worsted in silver sliver, brite blue, turkish olive, and old sage
  • needles: addi natura size 8 and size 6
  • started: 1/20/06
  • finished: 1/21/06
  • techniques: raglan increases, figure 8 cast on, felted joins, frogging 4 times without commiting homicide

7 responses to “the cherz hat

  1. rock!!! i sent you an email to preview the shirt.

    it’s a one of o’ kind!

    thanks for the hat. it’s freakin’ awesome.

  2. patrick loves my kittenhead hat! suckaz! heather made me 2 hats? who’s got the love?!

  3. yay for Turkish olive!

    I just get excited when Turkish things are mentioned. :)

  4. cool hat! good thing for pictures since the greek just doesn’t do it for me :)
    And on a related subject, have you read the novel “Yarn Harlot”? Every time I see it at a book store, I think of you.

  5. You have the largest head in the universe?!

    I should send you my gigantor hat. I made a hat that doesn’t fit anybody. It’s nothing special, though.

  6. cherz lucky. hf talented.

  7. I GOT THE HAT! WOOOOOOOOO! It’s so freakin’ awesome!

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