fritz is funny

he gets worried when this is my away message:

it’s okay fritzie – it’s just a song.

5 responses to “fritz is funny

  1. even though he almost has two masters degrees and speaks basic czech, fritzie’s a little dumb sometimes. can’t wait for lunch on wednesday!!!

  2. great away message, h-f…great song, too. Though I could see why a person might pause for a moment.

  3. a silly song, really, but it remembers a good era.

  4. LOL

    It says “…call 867-5309” and me silly me read it as “plenty of mouth-to-mouth and vigorous chest massage”

  5. if only your name was jenny…

    I’ve actually been “one of those” idiots and called that number. It gets through with the New York area code.

    Yes–I am a dork.

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