i heart my ipod and becca

becca is my barista. if i get a small drink, she doesn’t charge me. if i get a medium, she charges me for a small. if i stay there for a few hours knitting or doing homework, she’ll toss me a free brownie. all because we griped about boys together a few months ago.

ipod played the greatest songs for me. evidently i want to return to jr. high, because the ones that made me happiest were from then.

can you identify those songs by their lyrics without the google?

  1. “if you need me, me and neil’ll be hangin’ out with the dream king.” (‘tear in your hand’ by tori amos)
  2. “when i see you kitten as a cat, yeah as smitten as that, i can’t get that small” (‘high’ by the cure)
  3. “wake up every day, that would be a start, i would not complain of my broken heart” (‘regret’ by new order)
  4. “me, i’d like to think that life is like a drink, and i’m hoping that it tastes like bourbon” (‘the size of a cow’ by the wonderstuff)
  5. (i forgot to add this one) “he had a ponytail and he didn’t talk right” (‘long haired guys from england’ – woo! – by too much joy)

updated: booyah to mina for the first two and correctly identifying which neil, booyah to elspeth who got the last one, and a head-shaking booyah to elspeth for circumventing the rules and using yahoo for the rest. :)


10 responses to “i heart my ipod and becca

  1. 2. it’s a cure song, maybe just like heaven? in my pre-coupled life i once made out with a guy in a bar who karaoked that song. but it could be another song. definitely the cure though.

  2. no wait, it’s friday i’m in love!

  3. ding, bzz, bzz

  4. bonus points for people who know which neil!

  5. i know, me, me! i know which neil!

  6. Tear In Your Hand

    I don’t know the others.

    Gaiman (I don’t know if I spelled it right)

  7. mina gets the first two plus the neil gaiman bonus!

    i haven’t had a good word verification in a while. then, i get poofsavs.

  8. What in the hell is the second to last one? I know I know it and it’s driving me crazy. The last one is “Long Haired Guys from England”.

  9. Okay, thanks to Yahoo I can say:

    Tori Amos
    The Cure
    Get Up Kids
    Wonder Stuff (how did I miss that one?)
    Too Much Joy

    I used to be much better at this.

  10. ooh, elspeth, if it IS the get up kids, then they covered the song…

    i had forgotten this post… i’ll update it.

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