it’s a tough call

do i make friends with the guy on myspace who sent me a message that read :

whatz up with u gurl holla back i wanna get to know you gurl

or do i maintain the status quo?


7 responses to “it’s a tough call

  1. I think you wait until he’s addressed you with “yo”. “Gurl” is just so…noncommittal.

  2. go for it! dude, it’s a date!

  3. dunno. he could be your soulmate…

  4. oh god. myspace.

    uh huh, definitely your future husband!!

  5. Just wait. You’re going to get some even crazier ones.

  6. That wuz me gurl. U 2 cool 2 holla back at? Wussup? You cold.

    (PS — This is funnier if you read it in a stereotypical Vietnamese accent)

  7. it totally is funnier that way.

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