no drinking while knitting

i finished two sleeves yesterday afternoon (i did them in the round because i don’t like seaming).

and i decided, by golly i’d just finish angelica last night!

while i was drinking wine.

and this is what happened:

angelica WIP

yes, i did the detail inside out. i started on the left (as you’re wearing it) side instead of the right and instead of having two purl ridges divided by a knit, um, valley, i have two valleys separated by a purl ridge.

i was going to say pffft and bind off, but i thought better of it and went to bed.

i’ll fix it tonight…



5 responses to “no drinking while knitting

  1. knitting and wine…double self-medication (j/k)…i love it!

  2. Knit Valley. That’s a good name for a book.

  3. by golly, chris it could be a civil war series of romance novels!

    the battle of purl ridge

    return to knit valley.

  4. haha. no drinking and knitting. I’m glad you weren’t driving.

    looking forward to chapter two.

  5. i’ll wear it. i’m no picky.

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