the game show sensation sweeping the nation

okay, we were going to play the hit guessing game Bruise or Hair Dye? but it’s pretty plain to see into which category this goes

bruise or hair dye 001

bruise or hair dye 002

the disconcerting thing is i have NO idea how i got this – and it looks like it should have hurt a lot. the bruise itself hurts mildly. it’s not the bright reddish-plummy purple of a new bruise, nor is it the sickly greenish of an old one.

i really wonder what happened.

must have been an alien abduction.

i’ve also created another brand new tag on flickr.


3 responses to “the game show sensation sweeping the nation

  1. WHO is grabbing hold of you like that?! i will kick their ass!!!

    unless you got that having sex. then, i will probably just high 5 you.

  2. OK, remember when you and I were naked lucha libre wrestling on your bed and you hit me with the Clothesline From Hell? That’s how that happened.

    No, wait. That was a dream I had. I have no idea how you got that bruise.

  3. um, alls ya’lls are assuming my life is far more interesting than it is.

    i tell you what.

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