DNA – not in the icky way.

so, it may seem that i finished 2 WIPs within 24 hours. that’s true, but misleading.

see, i started the DNA hat (aka, “knitted protuberances hat”) in november. strike that, i started this version of the knitted protuberances hat in november. i started one in october that didn’t work out so well.

anyhow, this languished in my highly disorganized stash basket until a few days ago when i did a few rows.

today, i bit the bullet and finished it. i’ve been highly uncomfortable with the sheer number of WIPs i have going on – i get nervous over 2, and i’ve had 4 going.

now i have one, because the DNA hat is done.

here it is before seaming and blocking:

DNA hat 001

and here it is on my head, protubering (still unblocked):

DNA hat 003

it’s hard to capture the color of this hat…. it’s called dolcetto lime. but i get ahead of myself.

the stats:

  • pattern: sorta slapdash. but it had june oshiro’s dna cable pattern up the middle
  • needles: susan bates #9 clear blue acrylic straight needles (they have a festive name, i can’t remember what it is now)
  • yarn: sensations bellezza collection dolcetto wool/cotton/nylon blend in dolcetto lime
  • started: sometime in november
  • finished: 1/11/06
  • for: me, unless i meet a geneticist with a sense of humor and a cold head

4 responses to “DNA – not in the icky way.


  2. I once read that women in the French resistance used Aran patterns to sew secret messages into scarves and sweaters. Whereas what you’ve done with your DNA hat is provided instructions on how to make a clone of 1920s jazz musician Fats Waller.

  3. ivar, i already have kitty ears. you need to learn to knit.

    chris, i asked you not to share that information – the waller family hired me under the strictest confidence.

  4. Nice hat..and the new glasses are nice too

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