how did i get here?

is this week over yet?

if it is, is next week going to be any better?

because i can’t take another week like this.

this is more because of me than anyone, but there you go.


5 responses to “how did i get here?

  1. Blame Bill Clinton. Bill Clinton is to blame for everything. I’m sure he cand be connected somehow to the shittyness of your week.

  2. this is not my beautiful wife!

  3. well, the only thing that can be said about a week like this is that it makes all the other ones look so great.
    here’s hoping that Bill doesn’t jinx next week for ya too.
    (and what’s up with this?: diwdaxtg)

  4. dance magic dance…jump magic jump

  5. Yeah, it seems like we should be further along in the week than Thursday. This has been a long week.

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