all-over lace faroese shawl

in its insanely unblocked glory and entirely unflattering angle, we have my sister’s christmas present.

which i determined would arrive before her birthday next thursday.

which means i still have to solve the blocking problem before, say, tuesday for mailing purposes (i.e. having nowhere to block a shawl)

the details

  • pattern: all-over lace faroese shawl
  • needles: addi turbo #7, 40″ (never again for lace – like knitting with fists instead of needles)
  • yarn: knitpicks palette in petal
  • started: 12/19/05
  • finished: 1/11/06 (10 day hiatus while waiting for more yarn)
  • mods: instead of finishing with 12 rows of garter stitch, i finished with 6 rows. mostly because i was sick of knitting this damn shawl.
  • misc.: spending 70 minutes binding off seemed unnecessary.

2 responses to “all-over lace faroese shawl

  1. big table? bathroom wall? bed?

  2. nope….
    don’t have one
    my apartment is freakisnly rtiny
    and the dog has left his fur all over the bed….

    it’s really quite an issue.

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