more procrastinating on that damn paper

instead of writing a paper this morning, i decided to finish the body of angelica, since i knew i could finish it before noon.

here you go:

angelica body

i wound up doing the double increases at the hip that are so common in cables (k1fb, pick up bar, k1) and they’re pointy! however i think i can wiggle them around in blocking.

also, could the keyhole BE any bigger?

the size came out a tad more snugly than i thought (but i anticipated that because of my gauge swatch – a proper one this time!), but it’s still workable and will make me go to yoga this afternoon (when i’m still procrastinating on that paper).

inspired by katie’s YO triangle, to keep myself amused between the darts and the hip purl bands, i put a YO diamond on the back. i couldn’t get a good picture of me wearing it, so i took it off for this one:

angelica back detail

if i weren’t so lazy i would have done a hexagon to mimic the keyhole in the front.

here’s a close up of the lazily attached button for photographic purposes – not sure if i’ll stick with it or not:

angelica button

all in all i like how the lamb’s pride worked with this pattern – i was curious how it would sit and feel compared to the silk blend yarns. the body has used almost 3 skeins of LP, and i have about 3 more with which to do the arms and the keyhole – shouldn’t be a problem.

all that’s left are the sleeves and the keyhole!


also, yay for self-timer function for knitting pics, you can see the whole thing!

and yay for jess for giving me a new reason to want to play with my camera (and want to buy a light box) instead of writing the damn paper. (seriously, it’s on stalin’s response to churchill’s “iron curtain” speech. yeehaw)


3 responses to “more procrastinating on that damn paper

  1. Thank you for the gratuitous boob pic. I want you to knit yourself a bikini.

    Actually, that would be hilarious. I really do want you to knit a bikini.

  2. sometimes it’s actually a picture of the sweater.

    and no.

  3. you say keyhole, i say ninja window, whatever.

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