conversations are funny

conversation #1 with SoB this morning

SoB: hey
me: hey, how are you?
SoB: fine. what’s that noise in the background?
me: oh i’m listening to a (starts muttering) knitting podcast.
me: let me turn it down. is that better?
SoB: yes. is it like some grandma in minnesota?
me: no, it’s a lesbian in wales.
SoB: wow. i couldn’t have been more off.

conversation #2 with woman at sushi boat (small, never crowded place very far from downtown with good sushi), making reservation for yaymee’s going away party

me: hi i’d like to make a reservation for tomorrow night please.
her: okay, what time?
me: 7:30. it’s a large party, for 22 people.
her: [pause] are you sure you’re calling the right place? this is the sushi boat on hampden. did you mean to call the sushi den [Ed: hip, expensive place downtown and on old south pearl, usually crowded]?
me: no, i’d like to make a reservation here please.


3 responses to “conversations are funny

  1. haha… that sushi place was like…”HUH?” that is hilarious. Let me know howthe food is, I’m curious… we are hitting up trendy, over crowded Hapa Sushi tonight… :/

  2. villanovababy, sushi boat is SO good, and it’s far less expensive than sushi den. and the people are always nice! and you never have to wait for a table!

  3. YAY! first off… i’m soooo glad that you took up listening to podcasts. i thought that you thought i was nutterbutters for listening to them. secondly – WHAT knitting podcast is it?!


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