welcome to the land of goo.

i am tired. i am exhausted like i never remember being exhausted before. even when i didn’t really sleep for a month in october, i was tired but not completely destroyed like i am now.

that, and i’m developing a sinus infection.

so if you were to walk into my house right now, your first thought would likely be, “who is that rugged looking chick with the bloodshot eyes and a head full of goo?”

and if i could be bothered to summon the energy, i’d say, “it’s me!”


6 responses to “welcome to the land of goo.

  1. I have one thing to say:


    Bad name, yes. But it’s god’s new gift to those who suffer from chronic sinusitis.

  2. “welcome to the land of goo.” sounds like a cramps song. feel better goohead.

  3. now, feather-darling, remember: a head full of goo is better than a head full of poo!

  4. Sorry to hear you feel like crap Have you tried a Hot Toddie?

  5. hmmmm…. hot toddie… no, but if it has liquor, i’m in!

  6. Yes of course it has liqour in it…an Irishman wouldn’t give you a remedy without it..
    Make a hot cup of tea. Add a heaoing teaspoon of sugar and a shot ( or two ) of Jamiesons Irish Whiskey. Drinnk it right at bedtime and put an extra blanket on yourself. Works like a charm..feel better

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