ah migraine, you have proven a worthy foe

i thought that the light shone through a magniying glass into my eye was the reason for your existence. well, it may have been.

but still you torment me.

and all the medications that make me sleepy countered by all the caffeine to fight your brute force has led me to a terrible night’s sleep before my first day in a class with a professor known to ramble and make me zone out and drift into sleepyland.

and with your evil plans to ruin my lunch with yaymee, fritzie, and fritzie’s mutti?

a worthy foe indeed.

i’ll get you yet, evil bucket of head-pain.


5 responses to “ah migraine, you have proven a worthy foe

  1. evil bucket of head-pain—a worthy foe. I hope said foe doesn’t ruin lunch plans, the greater loss of the day.

    hope you’re feeling better and that your first day was bearable.

  2. i give you my blessing to stand up at any point in class and declare, with faux english accent, that unless the headache shall stops this very instant, class is canceled.


  3. Fight on valiant warrior!

  4. class and headaches are NOT a good mix!

    Where do you go to school?

  5. jay are, i still went to lunch and was about as conversational as a lump of ground pork.

    particleman, you should have told me that BEFORE class.

    chris, word.

    ashley, i go to the university of denver

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