why my life is not drama-imbued at the moment

because i was in showers of flowers today with my gift certificate looking at yarns with which to start my angelica. (woo!) i bought the pattern today. for those of you interested, i decided on lamb’s pride worsted which will be warmer and less drapey than the hipknits silk, making it more of a late fall/winter sweater.

and i stood there looking at 4 shades of green for like 25 minutes. i couldn’t decide between oregano, old sage, pistachio, and loden leaf. (my monitor is showing none of those very well)

i really liked the oregano because it was noxious – just how i like my green. but i could only see myself wearing it with brown tones, and i wanted something i could wear with browns and blacks and greys for work. because dagnabit, i WILL be working by next winter. the pistachio was lovely, but so demure. the loden leaf was okay, but sorta boring. so old sage it was.

i have used old sage before. in the kittyville hat and the racing stripe beanie.

in other news, i got my eyes examined and got 2 new pairs of glasses that i’ll get in a week or so. here’s one of the pairs (the conservative and professional. not to mention the first pair of wire rimmed glasses i’ve had since, oh, 1990?)


the other pair? picture didn’t come out so good. so you have to wait for those.

and now i have a riotous migraine so am going to not look at the computer or knit for a while.


2 responses to “why my life is not drama-imbued at the moment


  2. when i gradiated from kolledge, i also bought a pair of conservative wire-rimmed glasses. when i quit my job at the evil corporation, i shelved the wire glasses for the trendy plastic framed jobbies.


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