why are we whispering?

it’s been very quiet around here – three posts since wednesday?! scandalous.

i have pictures – but am too lazy to transfer them to my family’s computer (their wireless is kaput) to upload them and share with you.

mom’s kiri is lovely.

michelle’s mishawl is about 1/3 done (well, i’m on row 115 of 184, but remember it grows exponentially, every other row)

my site traffic, unsurprisingly, is down. luckily my self-validation doesn’t come from the number of people who come to – and comment on – my little blogilla.

anyhow, today i hung out with the extended family, tomorrow – if we can connect – i’m supposed to drive south to hang out with an internet friendy.

upcoming pictures include:

  • yarn swift/winder (yay!!)
  • yoga frog
  • kiri on mom
  • mishawl
  • flip-flops in december


  • a special photographic shout-out to maryam who knitted me a lovely, lovely lace scarf.

of all things, no one has ever knitted anything for me before. i’m touched beyond words.

(be forewarned, however, that should you ever receive handknit anything from me and your reaction is any less than mine was to receive that scarf, you will either pay in blood or i’m taking it back.)


2 responses to “why are we whispering?

  1. Very cute. And Thomas needs a spanking for such wanton whimpering. ;)

  2. wow- internet shoutouts!

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