mmm… iced dryer…

Originally uploaded by swandive00.

what is so funny about this picture to me, is that the line above maytag ensignia -a clothes dryer- reads (if you could read it):

icemaker $70


6 responses to “mmm… iced dryer…

  1. I want dry clothes but I also need ice. What the hell am I going to do? Wait a second…

  2. I wasn’t going to comment, but word verification left me feeling hqojeous

    Iced Dryers — they’ll never top that one!

  3. i was listening to you sing on my pod yesterday in my car. it was so pretty i almost cried. i want more please.

  4. what’s this about listening to hf in a car? i want some too.

  5. it’s a well-guarded secret, p-man. or not well-guarded. when i get back home i’ll see if we can’t work something out.

    and thanks ivar – i may have some new stuff. kiss the wife and bobin for me – i love you all!

  6. Wow, imagine you could make ice of your hair, that would be a worthy activity. One scoop of strawberry icecream is coming right up for you, Heather.

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