white lights

i have always preferred white christmas lights to colored. (insert racist jokes here) i like how they make things brighter and how they make things look more like they do.

i don’t have the hate for colored christmas lights (unless they’re in my house), but i prefer white lights.

that, and one time someone told me, “you are white lights and the silence of falling snow.”

that is the loveliest compliment anyone has ever paid me.

feel free to try and top it.


7 responses to “white lights

  1. Me give you compliment in ancient form of 5-7-5 haiku:

    bright and white and clean
    this is the pattern of grace
    your heart resides there

  2. you have fabulous ankles, i would like to braid gibbons into your hair!

    how is that for a compliment? especially the gibbon part.

  3. Wow. I’m pretty sure it can’t be topped, so I won’t try. I might tape that or something so I could play it many times a day.
    And I agree about the white lights. I don’t have the hate for colored ones in general but I do have the hate for the large, chunky colored ones.

  4. the colored lights are sorta trashy (in a whitetrashy sorta way.) KLASSY!

  5. you are chocolate cake.

    that is my highest accolade. hope you like it.

  6. so far monstee’s winning, but ivar has a close second for mentioning gibbons.

    bryan gets bonus points for implying i’m close to anything like chocolate.

    jay are and kittenface aren’t playing so may be disqualified.

    keep ’em coming!

  7. well it could have been an insult if they were referring to floodlights in your eyes at 3am and blistering cold ice that falls from the sky and feezes dogs to railroad tracks.


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