something i ate

tonight’s a night where i’m hoping to find people… dunno why. and the only person i wanted to find was my guitar teacher from college, John Rankin. he is such an amazing guitarist, musician, artist, and guide. we had our half-sets of acrylic nails done at the same place to get that richness of sound out of the nylon strings. he encouraged me to try new things and showed me i was more versatile than my immediate interests.

90% of my attempts to write music were due to him…

and i lost all confidence in my abilities after i stopped studying with him.

he’s so versatile – from new orleans standards to classical to folk to jazz, this 6’5″ teddy bear of a man (who plays lefty) can do no musical wrong in my eyes.

i miss studying with him.

you can watch him play here (opens to a .mov file)


2 responses to “something i ate

  1. Wow! Very cool….oh, to be so talented…and why did you stop training with him? get a-goin’ already….

    (wayihccn. exactly)

  2. well, i stopped studying with him because i graduated from college, and moved to georgia. :(

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