a touch of the OCD

sometimes i get songs stuck in my head (hence the “songs to which i cannot stop listening” series).

other times i get words stuck in my head (in the early 80’s when the fast talking dude did the federal express commercials – when it absolutely, positively has to be there orvernight – there was a scene in a board meeting when he said “wonderfulwonderfulwonderful” and that was stuck in my head for early childhood).

this morning there is a word stuck in my head:


sporksporkspork sporky spork sporkerson.

clearly i haven’t been drinking enough.

in unrelated news, birga called me yesterday! yay!
in unrelated sad news, i didn’t get the job in nyc i wanted – but there’s more for which i will apply later.
in unrelated annoying news, applying for jobs is icky work.


One response to “a touch of the OCD

  1. yay for birga! boo for not getting the job in ny. yay for getting a better job in ny!

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